Get up and Go

Daily reading: Acts 16:9-15
July 16, 2015

Focus scripture: A vision of a man from Macedonia came to Paul during the night.  He stood urging Paul, “Come over to Macedonia and help us!” Acts 16:9

What gets you up in the morning?  Your alarm?  Your dog licking your face?  A desire to do something?

Are you compelled each day to get up and see what life has in store for you and how God can help you to navigate your way forward?

Paul received a call to go well beyond the boundaries of the familiar.  He is called to go to Europe and he went because he knew that he could respond to the call.

What we find is that when we give our lives to God, logic and our plans sort of go out of the window because we are not in control and God tends to do amazing and unexpected things for those willing to follow.

Prayer:  God help me to expectantly find your presence throughout my day.  Amen.


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