You are the Salt and the Light

Daily reading: Matthew 5:13-17
June 11, 2015

Focus scripture: You are the salt of the earth ... You are the light of the world. Matthew 5:13 and 14

       When we hear Jesus say“you are salt”or “you are light”we think, o.k., so what do I need to do to be salt and light.  What if Jesus is making an observation rather than giving a command?
        Notice he doesn’t say,this is how you are to be salt and light. 

He doesn’t say “go and do.”  Or if you want to be salt or light then you first need to do x, y and z. What if Jesus is making an observation rather than giving a command?

        Have you ever heard about the statistics about the relation between children’s self-esteem and the messages that they hear? 

What psychologists pull from the statistics is that for every negative message a child hears about him or herself they need to hear 10 positive messages in order to restore their sense of self-esteem.

          While I haven’t come across a study on adults, I can recall back when I was beginning ministry.  I was having a bad day and a colleague had said some unkind words to me. 

I called another colleague to talk about the conversation I had and she asked me to recount my entire day,and when I was done she said,“Leslie four really awesome things happened today, really positive things,you need to focus on those things and not the one negative thing.”  So I wrote on a post-it-note 4 to 1 and placed in on my desk as a reminder when things get bad,it is so easy to focus on that and not on all of the good amazing things that are happening.

          It is so easy to get sucked into the mess and ugliness of our days, those fleeting moments. It is so easy to allow someone’s negative comments to seep into us exponentially faster and deeper than someone’s compliments.

          So back to the study on kids,what the psychologist found is that children become what they are named. If a child is called a bad name long enough they start to believe that they are that label and start to live up to the label that they have been assigned.

           Jesus begins his ministry of preaching by affirming God’s presence in their lives and then by telling them what he sees when he looks at them.  Giving them that positive reinforcement we all need.

Prayer:  God help me to shine today, to be that enhancing presence in other people's lives.  Amen.


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