Daily reading: Mark 4:35-41
June 24, 2015

Focus scripture: Jesus asked them, “Why are you frightened?  Don’t you have faith yet?” Mark 4:40

I always find the stormy sea disciple stories to be rich with meaning.  On the surface they after all, for the most part, are fisher men who understand navigating the rough waters the sea more so than Jesus who grew up as a land lover. 

I am not sure if the situation is dire and they are in need of Jesus’ assistance.  But what it does remind me of is my constant need for the presence of Christ in my life, even when I am in familiar territory of situational storms that I have faced before.

As habitual as we are, we tend to have to work hard at breaking habits, even if they are damaging to us.  We may find comfort in the familiarity of our dysfunction.  But Christ calls us to trust in him and to not be afraid as we boldly move through the storms of life in a new way.

Prayer:  As I surely face storms in my day, God bring me the peace that I need to navigate them with your leadership.  Amen.


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