Daily reading: Matthew 5:13-16
June 11, 2015

Focus scripture: "You are the salt of the earth.  But if salt loses its saltiness, how will it become salty again?  It's good for nothing except to be thrown away and trampled under people's feet." Matthew 5:13

           As a modern hearer I wonder what Jesus is talking about when he says “if salt has lost its taste.” 
          What is that all about?

          In my cooking, my constant concern is balancing the taste of the food so throughout the processI check to see if saltiness hasn’t taken over the taste of food. So I wonder how can salt lose its taste? It seems like at least for modern day users of table salt, that we never experience salt losing its taste. 
Every time we taste it, it is the same.  Salty.
          Interestingly and not so shocking we find that the table salt we use in North America wasn’t used back in Jesus’ day. What we have on our tables and in our kitchens is a chemically synthesized and purified form of sodium chloride. 
And that type of salt cannot be anything but salty.The salt on the table back in Jesus’ day was a mixture of a variety of compounds, it wasn't like the table salt we have today that virtually cannot lose it's saltiness. The more expensive salt, in the ancient world, had a higher level of sodium or magnesium in it and the lesser valuable salt had more fillers in it.

          What it comes down to is this, don’t dilute what God is doing in your life with fillers. Don’t try to be something you aren’t in an attempt to bring others to Christ. We are called to be real. To be honest and to be authentic.

          Salt doesn’t work alone. It brings out flavor.  Depending on what you add it to, it either heightens a flavor or counter acts spice.

          Salt preserves. It changes water, it changes soil and it even has a vital function in the human body. 

          Have you ever tried to cook without salt? It doesn’t work.  Salt doesn’t work alone. We aren’t called to work alone either.
           You are the salt, you are the agents that both preserve and enhance the Kingdom. We are called to remain salty and to not allow ourselves to lose that which God is doing in us and among us.  How then do we preserve and balance the amount of “fillers” we have in our life? 

           First by balancing our time. By looking at what in our lives we feed upon, what feeds our minds, our bodies and our spirits. Are you plugged into God through worship, prayer, study, and discussion? Are you plugged into God through mission and witness in our community? Are your days so full that you cannot find time to take Sabbath rest? Do you trust in God enough,to take a step back when you are worn out? Or are you always trying to control your destiny by keeping a full calendar and all of the commitments you have agreed to?

          To maintain our saltiness we need to remain connected to God and to God’s purpose in our lives. And that can be challenging because we are taught to be strong and independent,yet salt doesn’t work alone in order to make a difference.  

Prayer:  God help me to be an agent of your compassion and grace today through my words and actions, show me ways to work with others to do your Kingdom work.  Amen.


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