Daily reading: Matthew 5:13-16
June 12, 2015
Focus scripture: "You are the light of the world.  A city on top of a hill can't be hidden." Matthew 5:14
Light is essential for life and for growth. 

Not only that but it is invaluable for those with sight.

Light uncovers what might be hidden in the shadows.

Surely those of us living in El Paso understand the power of light. 

A couple of months ago, it was mentioned at a leadership meeting here that there is a music mix that is geared at helping us change our attitude during the darkness of winter. 

And we all kind of laughed at how in El Paso we just need 2 cloudy days to experience seasonal depression. 

We feel different if the sun doesn’t shine for a few days.

Just like with salt, like doesn’t work alone.

It enhances and illumines.

The call isn’t just to bask in the light for ourselves,

but so that we can shine so others can see the presence of God in their days.

Prayer:  God may your light shine through me today in my words and my actions.  Amen


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