Daily reading: Mark 5:21-43
June 28, 2015

Focus scripture: Jesus crossed the lake again, and on the other side a large crowd gathered around him on the shore.  Jairus, one of the synagogue leaders, came forward.  When he saw Jesus, he fell at his feet and pleaded with him, “My daughter is about to die.  Please, come and place your hands on her so that she can be healed and live.” Mark 5:21-23

In Mark’s telling of the story of Jesus, he is in essence telling of God’s invasion into our world bringing life where all we see is death.
He is bold in his telling and he doesn’t mess around.  The pace is quick as Jesus immediately goes from place to place because he is on a mission to speak and bring life to as many places as possible.

In this story Jesus encounters two others who are just as bold and quick in finding Jesus so that he can bring about life.  Both Jairus and the woman who had been bleeding for 12 years need the help of Jesus and are not held back in approaching and letting Jesus know what they need.

They do the work of seeking him out.  We are called to do the same thing.  To be open to God working in our lives in a transformative, life giving way each and every day.

Prayer:  God help me to turn to you when I am in need.  Amen.


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