Judging Others

Daily reading: Matthew 7:1-6
June 25, 2015

Focus scripture: Don’t judge, so that you won’t be judged. Matthew 7:1

It doesn’t get any more plain.  “Don’t judge.” Yet we Christians are known by the outside world by the negative trait of being a very judgmental group. 

It is one the main deterrents from those seeking Christ from wanting to become Christians.  And I can empathize with those on the outside, because I left the church for a time in my youth because of the horrible judgments that were being made in my faith community.

The opposite of judgment is compassion and connection.  It is a healing salve that brings us together and opens us up to new relationships and understandings of how our world works.  While we are all human and capable of failing one another, what I have come to find is that in Christian community, where grace, forgiveness, mercy and compassion are upheld, there is much room for growth and learning to move away from our judgmental ways.

Prayer:  God put a right Spirit within me, where I can see your people through your eyes and not through my own blurred sight.  Amen.


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