Daily reading: Mark 10:23-31
June 9, 2015

Focus scripture: Jesus looked at them carefully and said, "It's impossible with human beings, but not with God.  All things are possible for God." Mark 10:27

What do you invest in?  Another way to ask the question is, how to you spend your time and your resources?

When we take time to look at where we spend our money, we are able to get a clear idea of what we invest in.  Just moments after Jesus sends a wealthy man away saddened, because he is unwilling to give up his wealth to fully know God, the disciples are shocked to learn how hard it is to experience God's Kingdom. (Even thought they have already given up so much.)

It is almost like Peter, along with the other 11 are standing there wonder, what now?  We have left family and friends and career to follow and we have more to give?

The answer is yes.  There is always more to give, because we are constantly growing in our faith and deepening our commitment to God daily.

The more of our lives we give to God, the greater the return.  The amazing thing is that the further we are on our faith journey, the easier it becomes to give away because our priorities change and what we invest in shifts. 

Prayer:  God help me to invest more of my life to you today.  Amen.


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