Restful Renewal

Daily reading: Hebrews 4:1-11
May 4, 2015

Focus scripture: “So then, a Sabbath rest still remains for the people of God; for those who enter God’s rest also cease from their labors as did God from his.” Hebrews 4:9-10

God didn’t create us so that we could just keep going and going and going.  We were made for purposeful work and for restful renewal.  However many of us find ourselves going all of the time.  If you are a parent of children who still live in the home with you, you may convince yourself that you are just in the season of being constantly busy.  There is always a load of laundry to be washed, a room to pick up, activities to be bused to and so on.  But an overworked, exhausted parent doesn’t lead to a cheerful, loving, patient parent (and children will test our limits all of the time!).
What I find with my constant activity is that I am no ever really present with the people in my house.  I am focused on getting it done or getting somewhere on time and then when I arrive I am thinking about the next place that we need to get to or job that needs to be done.

Taking time for rest changes our focus.  Because it centers us in God’s presence (when we are mindfully resting) and helps us to value the relationships in our lives.
Carve out time this week to do something that brings joy in your life and be aware of God’s presence with you.  The cool thing is that when we rest, and I mean really rest the week and all of its tasks seem different in a good way.  Things that rob of us joy might even fall off our to-do list or we may find a different way to approach them.

Prayer:  God help me to find time for restful renewal today or later this week.  As I rest in your presence allow me to remember that I am one of your beloved children because you created me.  Amen.


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