Daily reading: Acts 4:5-12
May 31, 2015

Focus scripture: They had Peter and John brought before them and asked, “By what power or in what name did you do this?” Acts 5:7

By what power do you do what you do? 

The Holy Spirit allowed Peter and John to continue the boundary breaking ministry of Jesus that infused wholeness, peace, love, forgiveness, healing and compassion into their community. 

Christ calls us to confidentially follow, to have the heart of God so that we can then be the hands, feet and voice of Christ.  When we are open to the Spirit’s movement, we will see the world differently.  Areas that need our help will surface and we will be able to respond from a place of compassionate understanding.

Christ calls us to choose God every moment of our lives.  This is a high calling that isn’t void of challenge.  We will face suffering and challenges along the way, the true sign of our commitment to the Spirit’s movement in our lives is if we are able to allow it to work through us when we are suffering and facing challenges.

Prayer:  Come Holy Spirit Come, may your power lead me today so that through You I am able to experience the presence of Christ.  Amen.


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