Peace I Give You

Peace I Give You by Pastor Leslie
Daily reading: John 14:27-31
May 5, 2015

Focus scripture:  “Peace, I leave with you.  My peace I give to you not as the world gives.  Don’t be troubled or afraid.” John 14:27

In worship each week we intentionally pass the peace of Christ to one another.  Now in many churches I have attended this means we stand and shake the hands of the people sitting next to us and then promptly sit back down.  It almost feels like when you are young and your parent instructs you to say hi to someone they are introducing you to.

Not so with FCC El Paso, the passing of the peace is a joyful time where most leave the pews and hug one another in the aisles and say peace be with you. 
When an exhausted parent holding back tears shakes my hand and says “Peace” I hear it as a prayer, a hope that through our hardships and trials God will offer us peace.

When someone is heading to the hospital for surgery later that week, I hear the peace of Christ in a new way.  It says may the peace of Christ who go with us through all of the storms of life and seeks out those in need of healing be with you.
The peace that Christ offers to us is not an escape from the hardships of our world but rather a presence in the midst of them.

Prayer:  God I thank you for your sure presence with me in every moment of my life.  I am grateful for your peace when life gets turned up-side-down.  Amen.


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