Daily reading: Luke 14:15-24
May 9, 2015

Focus scripture:  “‘Come; for everything is ready now.’ But they all alike began to make excuses.” Luke 14:17-18

This is yet another parable that is rich in hospitality.  Often Jesus meets people around meal time and it has become central even to our worship when we celebrate the Eucharist.  In this story, a certain man hosts a large dinner party but when his intended guests receive their invite they come up with a number of excuses for why they cannot come to dine with him.

On a spiritual level this story reminds me that God is lavish in God’s offering of everything we need.  God is abundant in grace.  God’s mercy is wider than the widest ocean and deeper than any sea.  God’s forgiveness is like a healing balm that quickly restores.  God’s love is like a powerful waterfall, abundantly overflowing.

YET, we fail to come into God’s presence when God invites us in.  When life gets out of control, we quickly try and use our own resources and drive to fix what is going on.  YET, God says come and dine with me, feast on my gifts of peace.  Allow me to find a way out of whatever is troubling you.  

Prayer: God I may already have my day planned out, I accept your invitation so that I can be aware of your presence throughout my day.  Amen.


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