Everyone is Welcome!

Daily reading: Isaiah 56:1-8
May 10, 2015

Focus scripture: “My house will be known as a house of prayer for all peoples, says the LORD God, who gathers Israel’s outcasts.  I will gather still others to those I have already gathered.” Isaiah 56:7b-8

If you spend a good amount of time reading scripture, what you will come to discover is that it is an ongoing conversation.  Scripture reinterprets scripture as God continually forms God’s people.

In this passage the walls between insiders and outsiders based upon nationality or birth rite are torn down.  No longer do you need to fit a certain criteria based on where you were born or by your gender.  No now, the requirement is to embrace God as the center of your life, to joyfully enter into the rhythm of creation by taking time for meaningful work and restful renewal.  In other words practice Sabbath which allows us every week to remember that we are all equally loved by God.  That love is not based upon what we can produce or acquire for ourselves, it is based on the simple fact that God loves you!

Prayer:  God I embrace the love that you offer to me today.  May I take time for restful renewal and notice your presence throughout my day.  Amen.


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