Abiding in Christ

Daily reading: John 15:1-8
May 6, 2015

Focus scripture: Remain in me, and I will remain in you.  A branch can’t produce fruit by itself, but must remain in the vine.  Likewise, you can’t produce fruit unless you remain in me.  John 15:4

Jesus teaches us that we have to choose to remain in him in order to be able to benefit from the fruits of the spirit.  It’s a daily choice, sometimes and hourly or minute by minute choice.

Situations in our life as well as people in our life can threaten to make great upheavals in our lives.  But we have a choice in how we will respond each time.
I know as a parent this can be a daily challenge.  Kids can wear our patience down.  At least in my house, there is rarely a dull or quiet moment.  

Christ promises to remain in us if we choose to remain in him.

Prayer:  Today God I choose to be filled with your Spirit, to walk in your way.  Help me!  Amen.


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