Seeing is Believing

John 20:19-31
April 12, 2015

The other disciples told him, “We’ve seen the Lord!”  But he replied, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands, put my finger in the wounds left by the nails, and put my hand into his side, I won’t believe.” John 20:25

Oh how those of us in Christian circles love to point our fingers at “doubting” Thomas.  I think he has gotten a bad name over the years.  One thing I don’t often hear lifted up about him is the fact that when the other 10 disciples are locked behind doors for fear of what might happen to them, he isn’t.  

John doesn’t tell us where he is. 

What he does tell us is that Thomas needs to see the risen Lord for himself (just like the other 10 have already seen).

And I really can’t blame him.  We all need to experience resurrection in our own way in order to believe it.  The good news is that God will meet us in the way we need to be met in order to believe.

Prayer:  God you have made each of us in our own unique way and we praise you for knowing us so well.  Help me to get to know you better today.  Amen.


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