Daily reading: Mark 6:30-44
April 28, 2015

“And he said to them, ‘How many loaves have you? Go and see.”

I often hear people say that they are going to do some extraordinary volunteer service when the time is right, after they have finished something else in their life, when they have more time.  I think it is probably more complicated than just a matter of needing more hours in the day.  I think it is ultimately a reflection of our priorities and the season that we are in life.

We see great need in our own neighborhood and think, well I only have one or two hours that I can give and we aren’t sure that is even enough or worth our small effort. I think that must have been how the disciples saw the hungry crowd that evening.  They only had five loaves and two fish.

But God was able to take what they had and meet a real need in the community that was forming around Jesus.  We all have small gifts to offer that help us experience God’s presence in our lives, we just have to be willing to give.
God asks us to trust that in whatever gift we give, even if it is really small, God can and will bless it and multiply it.  

Prayer:  God reveal to me the gifts I have to offer, even if they seem small and help me to trust that if I give them to you, you will bless and multiply my efforts. Amen.


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