Living into resurrection

Daily reading: John 20:11-18
April 7, 2015

Jesus said to her, “Woman, why are you crying?  Who are you looking for?” John 20:15a

Even in our moments of deep grief and despair God is present.  In the larger story of resurrection John shows us how different disciples reacted to the empty tomb.  Mary is distraught and rather than looking into the empty tomb and leaving for home, she lingers and weeps.  

Angels and the risen Christ both speak to her.  And as she is beginning to understand, Jesus asks her not to hold onto him.  

In order to embrace resurrection we have to be willing to grieve and let go of the past.  No longer can the disciples be admirers of Jesus, following him around and watching him do amazing things.  Now they are to be his presence in community.  In order for resurrection to happen we are charged with being followers in the way of Jesus and not just on lookers.  

We are called not just to believe things about what Christ did while he was on earth but to embody his teachings in our daily living.

Prayer:  God help me to commit more of my life to following in the way of Christ today.  Amen.


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