Doing Nothing

Scripture: Matthew 27:57-61
Holy Saturday
April 4, 2015

After he rolled a large stone at the door of the tomb, he went away. Matthew 27:60b

There exists an unsettling beauty in this day.  Yesterday we remembered that Jesus died on the cross and was then buried before the Sabbath began at sundown.  Our passage even points to yesterday.  There is no action reported from his disciples on this day.  Everything is on pause for the Sabbath.

It was the day when Jesus laid in the cold, dark tomb.  It was the day that his disciples along with the members of their religious community rested and took a break from work.

Take time today to embrace a Sabbath practice of doing nothing.
There is a poetic beauty in this day.  We cannot un-change Jesus’ crucifixion, we cannot go back in time, and we cannot make resurrection happen. 
We are called to rest and to trust that God will make a way forward in the seemingly impossible situations of our life.

Blessing:  May you be blessed with God’s presence in your time away from your busyness.  Amen.


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