Who is Christ?

Scripture: John 7: 40-53
March 21, 2015

The guards answered, “No one has ever spoken the way he does.” John 7:46

My New Testament professor Steven Patterson at Eden Seminary, taught me a fundamental truth, those who encountered Jesus had different reactions.  Now granted he taught us much deeper truths in class and this one seems pretty evident but it is profound and helpful in our own efforts to show Christ to others.
We all have our own preconceived notions about who God is and how God works in the world.  Some people will encounter the presence of Christ and think “wow Jesus was a great prophet.”  

Others will say “God’s anointed one couldn’t have come from such humble origins; I want a God who sends in a strong leader, one who lives among the rulers of our world, who is wealthy and has great status.”

Others will say “this is God’s anointed, this one is Christ.”  

Recently when I was working with our youth who are considering taking the huge plunge into waters and becoming official followers of Christ, I spoke about resurrection.  I truly believe that what makes Christians’ unique is our understanding of the resurrection.  Without it, Jesus is another one of God’s prophets.

Prayer:  God continue to reveal yourself to me throughout the day.  May my eyes and heart be open to your presence.  May I see moments of resurrection, of something new coming forth from the ashes of my past today.  Amen. 


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