Scripture: 2 Samuel 7: 4-16
March 19, 2015

Go to my servant David and tell him: This is what the LORD says:  You are not the one to build the temple for me to live in.  2 Samuel 7:5

Time and time again in the scripture we read about God having a distinct plan for one leader that provides the foundation for a new leader to come in and continue the work that had been started and take it to a whole new level.
Joshua leads the people into the Promised Land, not Moses who led them right up to the border.  

In today’s passage David learns that it isn’t his call to build a temple for God that will be his son Solomon’s job.  Focusing on the task that God is calling you to do and not jumping forward to the next step requires a great deal of patience.  We like to see instant results; at least I know that I do.  When something is broken I want it fixed right away.  When we decide we are going to do something, I think, okay let’s begin.

But God’s work isn’t focused on the finished product but on the inner work that happens to us when we submit to God’s timing and God’s plan.  The focus shouldn’t only be on the destination but on the journey.

Prayer:  God give me patience today and help me to understand what it is you require of me.  Amen.


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