Judge Not

Scripture: Luke 6:36-38
March 2, 2015

Be compassionate just as your Father in compassionate. Luke 6:36

How we need to be reminded of these words!

When I was a young child, it was never an option as to whether we went to church on Sunday. We had to be sick and I mean, really sick in order to get to stay home from church on Sunday morning.
When we visited my father’s mother though we didn’t have to go to worship on Sunday morning. I asked her once why she didn’t go to church and she said because the ladies at the church judged her.

That has stayed with me all these years. As a church insider, it doesn’t shock me all that much, I’ve encountered the good, the bad and the ugly in congregations and frankly I have encountered it outside as well. The difference for me has been in a community of faith, as a proclaimed follower of Christ, I feel that I can and should uphold the values of not judging and of forgiveness and compassion. Not just with my fellow Christians but with everyone I encounter. And I want my fellow Christians to hold me to that standard, to remind me in a compassionate way that I have fallen short.

Prayer: God help fill us with your compassion, acceptance and forgiveness so it can pour out of our lives into those we encounter today. Amen


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