Scripture: Matthew 18: 21-35
March 10, 2015

Then Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, how many times should I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me?” Matthew 18:21

Our God is a God of infinite forgiveness.

When we want to justify holding onto grudges and allowing our hearts to calcify, God says forgive.

When we want to say but you don’t know how much they hurt me, God says forgive.

When what someone has done to us leaves us in a very dark place, God says forgive.

Not because the offense was okay and we are called to be door mats allowing people to mistreat us, but because withholding forgiveness ultimately damages our own spirits.

I hear it in conversation when someone is talking about someone who has harmed them; they use colorful adjectives to describe the person.  Their physical appearance changes because the mere mention of their name brings back a huge list of incidents and situations.  

Forgiveness can be hard because it forces us to let go of that person’s control over us and often times our image of being a victim.

Rather than asking if there is a limit on how many times we have to forgive, we are reminded that God never stops forgiving and we shouldn’t either.

Prayer: God help me to forgive so that what has happened in the past doesn’t rob me of the gift of today.  Amen.


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