Do what I say but not what I do

Scripture: Matthew 23:1-12
March 3, 2015

“Therefore, you must take care to do everything they say.  But don’t do what they do.”  Matthew23:3

Do what I say but not what I do.  That is how Jesus begins this lesson to the crowds when he says that the Pharisees and legal experts teach the way to be close to God but their words do not reflect their actions.

Do what I say but not what I do.  This is classic parenting talk 101.  I can’t count the times my kids have called me on this.  “Mommy you said we can’t do that and you are doing it!”


When it comes to teaching about the love of God, or God’s gracious nature or expansive forgiveness or wide mercy it is up to us to practice it.

Don’t be like those who proclaim to embrace the love of God but who are unloving to their neighbors.

Don’t preach forgiveness if you yourself are unwilling to forgive others.

As you read over the passage of scripture, instead of thinking of “those people” who say one thing and do another, think about ways that you do the same thing.

Prayer:  God humble me to notice when I do not live up to the gospel call in my own life.  Help my actions to reflect the words that I speak of your unconditional love, wide mercy and expansive forgiveness.  Amen.


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