Crying out to God

Scripture: Psalm 102:1-2, 18-22
March 24, 2015

Don’t hide your face from me in my time of trouble!  Listen to me!  Answer me quickly as I cry out! Psalm 102:2

When I am in distress I deeply desire for God to answer my prayers quickly.  When I find myself in the darkness, I desperately want God to shine a ray of hope into my situation.  Yet I find that often the way that God answers my prayer, while it is quickly, isn’t always the way I had hoped for God to answer it.  So maybe I don’t even recognize it.  God comes to me in the darkness of my distress and says “I’m here with you, you are not alone.”  

Prayer:  Everlasting God when I feel far from you, remind me of your closeness.  When I am lost help me to realize that your compassion and wisdom are greater than I can imagine.  Amen.


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