March 6, 2015
Matthew 21:33-46

Therefore, I tell you that God’s kingdom will be taken from you and will be given to a people who produce fruit.  Matthew 21:43

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we just don’t get it?

You may be trying to teach someone that their actions are harmful to others and it isn’t going to end out well for them, but they just don’t listen?

I think we all fall prey to this.  We go down a familiar road and hope that the outcome will be different but it rarely is unless we change how we act.  We ignore the warning signs and the words of caution.

Jesus sets up a familiar story for the Pharisees and chief priests.  He puts in a vineyard, which would single for the original audience that we are talking about God and God’s gift of land to God’s people.  

A mismanaged vineyard was another way of saying; you have been unfaithful to God.  But Jesus makes it even plainer.  You are mistreating both God’s gift and the servants of God.

What I love about the way Matthew tells this is that he sets a trap and the religious insiders and they take it!  As the plot thickens and the stakes are raised Jesus asks them what do you think will happen to those who are killing the servants of the vineyard owner?  

Backed into a corner there isn’t much they can say, other than they will no longer have access to the vineyard.

Correction can be hard to swallow.  I know that I struggle with it at times.  I know my kids do.  But what I find in correction is that the person pointing out what I am doing that is wrong actually cares about me and knows that I am capable of change.

Prayer:  God humble me so that I can the places in my life where I inhibit the growth of your kingdom.  Help me to bear the fruits of the Spirit in all that I do and say.  Amen.


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