Scripture: Matthew 7:7-12
March 26, 2015

“Ask, and you will receive.  Search, and you will find.  Knock, and the door will be opened to you.”  Matthew 7:7

We have within our church a beautiful stain glass window of Jesus knocking on a door.  It originally hung in a window at our church’s previous location and is now the center piece of our historic hall way. 

It beautifully illustrates how God is always waiting for us to seek and to ask.  No question is too big for God to handle.  What I have found to be challenging is to trust that God will be more than generous in giving to me the things I need to live.  Now God won’t just give me anything, especially not things that will harm me; just as a parent wouldn’t give to their child something that could bring about harm.
If I ask boldly for something to grow in my life, I know that God will answer that request and help me deepen my relationship with God and with others.

Prayer:  God help me to center upon your presence and to be ever aware of your care and compassion for me today.  Amen.


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