Running on Empty

Scripture: Mark 8:14-21
February 16, 2015

Jesus’ disciples had forgotten to bring any bread, so they had only one loaf with them in the boat.  Mark 8:14

What do you do when you realize that you have not planned adequately and find you don’t have the resources you need?

Maybe it is when you realize you are shorthanded or haven’t adequately prepared for a meeting or class?

Do you go right to the emotions of doubt, worry, fear or despair?

Right after the disciples watch Jesus turn seven loaves and a few fish into a meal for 4,000, they take off on a boat and forget to bring more than one loaf of bread. 
Worry sets in and they believe that they have “no bread.”  

In the light of an experience of great abundance the disciples revert to a theology of scarcity.  And it isn’t just that there isn’t enough, they believe that have nothing.  Not a crumb.  How can that be?

Do you find yourself doing this?  Allowing your doubts in the goodness of God to fade away quickly as you sink into despair?

Jesus warns them about allowing their fear of having nothing and allowing it to damage their relationship with one another and with God.

Prayer:  God fill me with Your presence so that I am not running on empty.  Help me to trust in your provision, to see abundance where all I can see is scarcity.  Amen.


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