Scripture: Mark 6:30-34
February 7, 2015

“Come by yourselves to a secluded place and rest for a while.” Mark 6:31

Even Jesus and his disciples found it challenging to carve out Sabbath time.  I find that refreshing, but I also remind myself that this one story does not stand as the end all example of how if I choose to not find time away because I have placed a greater priority on producing and working that I won’t suffer the consequences of not taking care of myself and my relationship with God.

Finding time away can be so incredibly challenging, especially for working parents.  We are not meant to wait until retirement to take time away.

I can see it on the faces of fellow shoppers at the market, or on the faces of my friends.  Our hectic lives lead to shortened tempers and reinforces our natural tendency to want everything NOW.  No waiting, just now, because waiting would mean I would have to … well … wait (and that could mean stop and if I stop then I might realize that I am defining myself by what I can produce or contribute and that really isn’t the summation of who I am.)  Have you been there?

Rest allows us to step away from the activities that consume us during the day.  It helps us to gain perspective and to see where God is present both in our time away from our busy-ness and in our busy-ness.  Rest allows us to slow down and notice the things in life that we usual are running by.  Rest rejuvenates us for the work that we are called to.

Prayer: God help me to hear your call to come away and rest.  Amen.


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