Recognizing Jesus

Scripture: Mark 6:53-35
February 9, 2015

People immediately recognized Jesus.  Mark 6:54
Jesus’ feet touch the shore and the people in Gennesaret and the people immediately recognize him.  What I find remarkable is that nowhere in any of the gospel accounts do we read about what Jesus looked like.  We get a good description of John the Baptist so it’s not like that wasn’t part of storytelling in the first century. 
Instead the gospel writers describe to us what Jesus did.  Back in verse 30 of the same chapter Jesus has compassion on the crowd that has crashed their Sabbath time, he feeds 5,000 people, and teaches them. 
Jesus is recognized by what he does.
Can others tell by your actions that you are a follower of Christ?  Are you a living example of grace, forgiveness, mercy, compassion and kindness?
In Matthew’s gospel we are reminded that we will encounter the presence of Christ when we are compassionate to the outcast, when we feed the hungry and while he doesn’t write it I would add when we teach others about God’s love and presence in their lives.
Prayer:  God help me to embody the Holy Spirit so that it guides by choices, my actions and my words.  Amen.


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