Raising Up

Scripture: Mark 1:29-39
February 8, 2015

Simon’s mother-in-law as in bed, sick with a fever, and they Jesus about her at once.  He went to her, took her by the hand, and raised her up.  The fever left her, and she served them. Mark 1: 30-31

What troubles you?  Are there worries in your life that have piled up so high you can’t find a way through your day where you aren’t burdened by them?
Sickness can manifest itself in a variety of ways in our life.  

We can be “under the weather” fighting a virus or bacterial infection and that can seem to drain the life out of us.  Or we can be dealing with grief, depression, a life threatening illness, a spiritual crisis, a relationship crisis, or something else.  There are situations in our life beyond physical illness that can take over our lives and can rob us of our joy.

Jesus raised Simon’s mother-in law up and healed her so she was able to provide hospitality to her guests. (But it is more than that, he restored her so she could offer a gift to her guests and enjoy their presence.) 

At times I read this passage as one of comfort, that Jesus is present with us in our illnesses.  At other times I read it as a challenge, asking myself if I am allowing something within me from being the change that needs to happen so that I can once again experience the joy of my Christian calling?  Do I trust that Christ can heal what is broken in my life?  Am I willing to let go so I can be raised up?

Prayer:  God so often I allow something life-draining to take hold of my life and I find comfort in knowing what to expect each day, but I know that you call me to so much more.  Help me to let go so you can raise me up and set me on a new path today.  Amen.


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