Open up

Scripture: Mark 7:31-37
February 13, 2015

Looking into heaven, Jesus sighed deeply and said, “Ephphatha,” which means, “Open up.” Mark 7:34

Have you ever asked God to help you with a problem?

Early in my life I would ask God to fix things for me, meaning that I would want God to work in other people’s lives so that they would stop bothering me with their behavior.  If I was sad I would ask God to help me be happy, thinking that it could just instantly happen without me having to do any inner work.

I have come to learn that when I ask God to help me with a problem it means that I have to be willing to look deep within myself and see how I need to change.  In the passage for today, when Jesus heals the deaf man he said “Open up.”

We have to be able to open ourselves to God’s transforming power in our lives in order for God to heal what is broken.  So often I find healing not in the way I had expected, it usually happens with a change of perspective and a reordering of priorities and a naming and claiming of healthy boundaries.  

Prayer:  God help me to open myself to your inner work in my life today.  Where I need healing and find myself clinging to the pain and hurt help me to let go.  Amen.


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