Give me a Sign

Scripture: Mark 8:11-13
February 15, 2015

The Pharisees showed up and began to argue with Jesus.  To test him, they asked for sign from heaven.  Mark 8:11

This passage happens right after Jesus has multiplied seven loaves and few fish to feed 4,000 people and the Pharisees ask for another sign.  The passage says that Jesus grew impatient and I really can’t blame him.  He just did something AMAZING and they want more?

And he really didn’t do it to prove anything, he multiplied the loaves and fish because he had compassion on the crowd.  Yet the Pharisees need more proof.
Sometimes I wonder if God gets tired of our lack of faith and need of proof. 
I hope not, I tend to believe that God’s patience is infinitely greater than my own and that God can see the growth in my life that I tend to discount when I am needing proof to move forward into following Christ when life gets difficult.

Do you require proof to believe?

Prayer:  God please help me to be patient with myself and my own spiritual growth.  Remind me that you are always present with me.  Amen.


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