Faithful Waiting

Luke 2:22-40
February 2, 2015

The Holy Spirit revealed to him that he wouldn’t die before he had seen the Lord’s Christ.  Luke 2:26
Can you imagine waiting your whole life for the promise of God to come true?  I know that it is beyond me.  Yet as we read scripture we find story after story of God’s faithful waiting for years to see the fulfillment of a promise.  Or in the case of Moses we see one of God’s prophets helping God’s people on their journey from slavery to freedom, never seeing the fulfillment, since he died short of the Promise Land. 
With the advent of technology, fast food and instant messages, we seem to have such short attention spans.  We even expect our bodies to quickly transform through a change in diet and physical exercise. 
Our patience has grown thin.  We are not used to waiting. 
Simeon and Anna give us faithful portraits of lives that are not based on what has been but on what will be.  Ever looking forward, but grounded in the present they wait patiently.
This is a strong message for our church today, where we seem to be ever looking in the past at the “good old days.”  We are called to be in the present, seeking God now.  Often it is in faithful waiting that God is preparing us for what is coming. 
Prayer: God help us to be patient and to seek your presence in our daily living.  May we respond faithfully to the situations we find ourselves in, surrendering to your time frame and not our own.  Amen.


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