February 4, 2015
Scripture: Mark 6:1-6

And he marveled because of their unbelief. Mark 6:6

I find it so interesting that we work as parents so hard at helping our children grow and make a way for themselves in the world but we have a really hard time when they choose a path that we had not hoped for them to take.

I think about when new leadership comes up in the church, when their dreams are different than our reality we might resist the direction they want to take us in. 
Oh how we like to grumble when things are changed.  (I include myself in that statement.)  If you don’t believe me try not having presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning or not serving turkey on Thanksgiving (well that’s just not American!).

I think we are particularly critical of the changes people make that are close to us, especially if they affect us.  In some way we are okay with someone growing up as long as they make the same decisions we did (of course speaking of the good ones).

What I see happening in this passage of scripture is a disconnect between what the hometown crowd had expected from Mary and Joseph’s son and who Jesus now is.  Yes they were amazed but that quickly waned as they took it all in.  Critique, resistance and offense is what the experience left Jesus with.

Prayer: Caster of visions and dreams, God help me to embrace the gifts and vision you place in the lives of the people around me.  Amen.


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