Saturday, January 24, 2015

What they say

Scripture: Mark 3:20-21
January 24, 2015

“They were saying, “He’s out of his mind!” Mark 3:21

Now you need to read both verses of scripture listed to realize who is talking in this passage.  

If you only read what I have pulled out you might assume it is in reference to one that Jesus is about to heal, and you would be wrong.

This is what Jesus’ relatives are saying about Jesus.  He has entered a house and the crowd is so thick and pressing that the host of the house is unable to serve Jesus a meal.  Rather than respond with excitement about the growth of his followers, his family believes him to be out of his mind.

Following Christ isn’t easy and it can be especially hard if you have close friends or family members that do not support your call to follow Christ.  Questions about your priorities can feel like personal attacks.

The New Testament is full of passages about families not understanding or supporting a believer’s call to follow.  While it can be hard to defend your faith, know that you are not alone.   Take each opportunity to be a presence of kindness and compassion.  

Prayer:  God I pray for new believers that are navigating their way through existing relationships while they allow God’s Spirit to transform their lives.  Amen.

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