January 20, 2015
Scripture: Mark 2:23-28

“The Sabbath was created for humans, humans weren’t created for the Sabbath.” Mark 2:27

Sabbath is a gift given to us.  Like a toddler that yells “I’m not tired”, as they rub their eyes desperately clinging to the activity they are currently participating in. 

We too resist Sabbath, because it causes us to stop being so busy (and we find our meaning in our busy-ness).  We need to work and be useful and accomplish all of the things we believe need to be done.

While Sabbath is rest, it is intentional rest.  It is taking time to say to yourself, life goes on without my contribution and I am valued in God’s eyes just because of who I am.  My worth in God’s eyes is not dependent upon my contribution. 

Prayer:  God thank You for loving me just as I am.  Thank You also for giving me the gift of time to rest and renew in your Spirit.  Amen.


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