Scripture: Mark 4:21-25
January 29, 2015

Everything hidden will be revealed and everything in secret will come out into the open. Mark 4:22
I can remember when my kids were young and they thought by covering their eyes that I couldn’t see them.  Or more recently, when I am in another room and I can hear the distinct sound of the glass on our cookie/candy jar closing and the response to what was that noise is “nothing.”  As if they didn’t sneak a treat because I couldn’t see it happening.
The gospels play a lot with the theme of light and darkness.  (And while I am a firm believer in the goodness that comes through a dark night with God:  Or simply the relaxation and rest that is necessary for our overall health that only can happen in the dark: I am going to focus on the light not as a good/bad distinction, but simply as a distinction.)
There are things in our lives that we just would rather not have exposed to the light.  Maybe it is because of our pride or shame or a combination of both.  But what Jesus reminds us is that whatever we try to hide will eventually surface. 
True growth happens only when we are our authentic selves with one another.
Prayer: God help me to embrace your presence in those places in my life that I would rather hide from others.  Help me to let go of the things, attitudes and behaviors that keep me from fully experiencing your presence in my life.  May the work that you are accomplishing in my life be a beacon of light to others.  Amen. 


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