Radical Inclusion

Scripture: Mark 3:31-35
January 27, 2015

“Whoever does God’s will is my brother, sister, and mother.” Mark 3:35
I love family!  I especially love watching sitcoms that poke fun at family dynamics.  (Recently Eva, my daughter, saw one that came way too close to home and it was a little awkward but in the end the laughter was good for us both.) No family is perfect and when you mix together a variety of personalities never do you find a dull moment and rarely a quiet one!
While we don’t get to choose the family we are born into, we do have the choice in deciding to follow Jesus.  When we make that decision we become part of a larger family (with even more personalities where you will NEVER find a dull moment and rarely will find a quiet one!).
God created us with relationship in mind.  We are made to be in supportive, loving and caring relationships that allow us to grow.  When you read through the gospels you see a story of the life of Jesus lived in relationship with others.  
As he is teaching one afternoon, he affirms that his family is larger than his biological one.  Those who love God are also part of his family.
At the core of our calling to follow Christ are relationships, where we are to welcome one another as we have been welcomed.  
Prayer: God thank you for making me to be in relationship with others.  Help me to place Christ in the center of all of my relationships.  Amen.


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