Wednesday, January 7, 2015


January 7, 2015

Prayer by Pastor Leslie

Scripture: Mark 6:45-52

After saying goodbye to them, Jesus went up onto a mountain to pray. Mark 6:46

After Jesus multiplies loaves and fish to feed thousands, he sends his disciples off across the lake and he went up a mountain to pray.
The truth is we have to make time to pray.  While we can pray while we are driving or waiting in line at the grocery store, we still need to carve time out of each day to pray.

It is a discipline that takes time.  Just like disciplining ourselves to exercise or to eat healthy.  We can so easily fall out of the practice of prayer, especially when life is going well.

But what we see happen time and time again in Jesus’ busy ministry is that he takes time for prayer.  It is what fuels his ministry: Time away from the distractions of his ministry to be alone with God in conversation.

Prayer: God help us to make You a priority in our lives, where we dedicate time each day to share with You our joys and burdens, to seek Your direction and to take time to listen for Your guidance.  Amen.

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