Thursday, January 15, 2015


January 15, 2015
Scripture: Mark 1:40-45

Jesus reached out his hand, touched him, and said, “I do want to. Be clean.” Mark 1:41

You will see certain themes arise as you read through the gospels.  Two of them are that those who are ill seek out Jesus and have expectant faith that had can heal what is ailing them.  They are often bold in their encounters not only with their words but with their courage to cross over boundaries that have prevented them from interacting with religious leaders.  Secondly we see in Jesus’ response that he is willing to cross those boundaries and often uses touch to bring healing and wholeness.
How often do we pass by those who we think are beyond help? 
How often do you engage with those who are difficult to love? 
Do you try and embody mercy when you find yourself with those who are different from whom you are?
Prayer: God just as you have shown great mercy toward me allow that mercy to flow through me and out of me so that I can be that presence in my community.  Amen.

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