Listening to God

January 14, 2015
Scripture: Psalm 40: 1-9

You don’t relish sacrifices or offerings; you don’t require entirely burn offerings or compensation offerings – but you have given me ears! Psalm 40:6

Who do you go to when you are in need?  Is there someone you know who will listen to what it happening in your life and help you navigate your way forward? 
The Psalm begins with these words God “listened to my cry for help.” The psalmist has gone to God with his problem.  And the response that God has given to him is to give him ears to hear. 
Often times we approach prayer as a discipline of offering praise to God and then a list of things we need help with.  We often do much if not all of the talking.  God however desires that we take time to listen.  To have ears to hear God’s answer.
Prayer: God allow me in this moment to be open to your still small voice … Amen.


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