January 12, 2015

Immediately by Pastor Leslie

Scripture: Mark 1:16-20

Immediately, they left their nets and followed him. Mark 1:18

When was the last time you immediately did something?

I think of when something like a pipe breaks in our house, we usually drop everything and immediately attend to it.

Or I think of when one of my kids has a stomach bug, I immediately stop what I am doing and help them out.

The way that Mark presents the response of Jesus’ first disciples, falls within the pace of his gospel.  It has a quick feel to it.  “Immediately” is used to urge us forward and to express the immediacy of God’s work in our world.

If I were to respond to Jesus’ call as Simon, Andrew, James and John did, then I would have to imagine that I was already looking for someone like Jesus to come by. 

God has blessed you with certain spiritual gifts to be used in God’s Kingdom here on earth.  Be open and ready to respond immediately when you are called to use those gifts.

Prayer: God may we say yes when you call upon us.  We are eager to help in your Kingdom Work! Amen.


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