Good Friends

January 16, 2015
Scripture: Mark 2:1-12

When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Child, you sins are forgiven!” Mark 2:5
This is hands down one of my favorite healing stories. 
I love the way that Mark sets the scene. 
Jesus is at home and I imagine wanting some time off,
but word has spread that he is there. 
The crowds come and are pressing in on the house. 
Four friends lay their friend who cannot walk on a stretcher
and carry him to the house and then proceed to climb to the top of the roof and remove part of it so they can then lower their friend down to Jesus.

I am simply amazed by the lengths by which the friends would go to help their friend.

All of us have something, maybe it is physical or mental that ails us.  And that is part of the human condition.  Healing can happen in so many ways.  It may not be restoration but it may happen spiritually.  It may happen because of others in our lives taking extraordinary measures to be present with us in our illness, carrying a load for us that we are unable to. 

Prayer: God open my eyes to the needs among my friends so that I can reach out in unexpected ways that brings healing into their lives and into mine. Amen.


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