Mark 3:7-12
January 22, 2015

Scripture: He had healed so many people that everyone who was sick pushed forward so that they could touch him. Mark 3:10

Last Thursday there was this thick fog that blanketed El Paso. 
We aren’t used to cloudy days here and probably only get one foggy day a year.  This fog was like thick pea soup (not sure that means, just remember hearing it when I was younger).  You could only see one or two cars in front of you.
A friend told me she missed the turn she was to take for her first appointment of the day because she couldn’t see the familiar landmarks that helped her navigate her way.

The fog forced me to focus intently on my driving.

If you lead a busy life, you probably don’t spend too much time focusing on any one area for too long.  And so if there is a place that needs healing or mending, you might be able to ignore it for a good while because you are busy with other pressing needs.

I am always amazed at the crowd’s that followed Jesus.  In that simply so many people knew what it was that needed healing in their life and were willing to expose it and to seek out Jesus.  

Do you trust that God can heal what is broken or ill in your life?  

Healing comes when we don’t put conditions or terms on the request and we are open to being healed in a way we had yet to hope for.  Sometimes with physical healing the healing that takes place is a mental surrender to our current condition (a being at peace with the change that has occurred).

Prayer: God allow me to spend some time focusing on what it is that needs repair in my life, in relationships, in my work life, in my congregation, and in my physical well being.  May your healing presence wash over me today.  Amen.


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