Facing the Storm

Mark 4:35-41
January 31, 2015

But Jesus was in the rear of the boat, sleeping on a pillow.  They woke him up and said, “Teacher, don’t you care that we’re drowning.” Mark 4:38

I grew up in the Midwest far away from the ocean.  I have yet to spend an evening on the water during a storm (or a day for that matter), where I wondered if we would make it to dry land.  While crossing the English Channel in college, on a ferry, I experienced the result of high Gale force winds on a small boat.  It was hard to walk around, so I decided to stay in my seat.  There was never a fear that we wouldn’t make it, but the journey was uncomfortable to say the least.
Physical storms in a way mirror our emotional storms we face in life.  Things happen and they can make us feel like we can’t get grounded.  The ground beneath our feet is literally moving and is unsteady.  Or we find ourselves trying to walk in one direction but are pulled in another.  Or we may find that we are holding on with everything that we have.

What all storms have in common is a feeling of being out of control.  Sailors have little control of a small vessel being tossed about in an angry sea.  We too can face challenges in life where we feel like we have little control.

What strikes me in this passage is the presence of Jesus.  He isn’t on the shore watching the disciples in their boat being tossed about.  He is present.  He is with them all along.  

Although we may mirror the desperate disciples and yell “God, don’t you care that I am drowning?” remember that God is with us during the storms we face.
When we can offer to God our concerns and place them in God’s hands what we will find is that God has the power to still the storms of life.

Prayer: God I pray for those in my life that are facing storms today.  Open my eyes to the ways that I can be a calming presence in their life as they navigate their way forward.  Amen.


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