Called Out

Scripture: Mark 3:13-19
January 23, 2015

 “He appointed twelve and called them apostles.” Mark 3:13

What is God’s call in your life?

As Jesus began his ministry he called people to follow him.  Some scholars believe that those he called were the ones that didn’t make it in rabbinical school, which is why they were tradesmen.  

Notice none of Jesus’ disciples were rabbis, or disciples of other rabbis. 
They were ordinary, everyday kind of people.  They didn’t have an extensive resume when it came to all things religious.  

No Jesus called those with unique gifts and talents out in the world to be his followers.  He tweaked their existing skills so that they could help spread his message.

What is God’s call in your life?

You don’t have to go to seminary or major in religious studies in order to receive a call.

We all are called to follow, to be disciples (students) of Jesus.  Each one of us has unique gifts and talents that we can use to further God’s message.  

Prayer:  When I convince myself that I have nothing to offer to the ministry of Christ, remind me God that I do.  Help me to discern what gifts I have so that I can offer them in service.  Amen.


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