A United House

Scripture: Mark 3:22-30
January 26, 2015

“A kingdom involved in civil war will collapse.  And a house torn apart by division will collapse.” Mark 3:24

We all know this passage to be true, but do we live as if we believe it?

How are decisions made in your family?  There is a lot of give and take between my husband and myself.  Compromise is the name of the game.  It wasn’t always that way but we have learned through the years that we have been married and have had our ups and downs with raising our kids, that “my way” isn’t the only way and probably isn’t the best way for the health of our family.

One thing we decided a long time ago was that as parents we can disagree behind closed doors about a decision we have made for the kids but we have to present a united front.  Any time one of my kids asks me for something and they just came from a room where my husband is, I have to ask them first if daddy said no.  Daddy’s no holds, as well as mine.  Having kids play us off of one another while it gets them what they want in the moment, ends up cracking the foundation of our family (because the end result is me and Dan arguing over why they said yes.)

Prayer: God I pray for relationships and for the health and well being of families.  Amen.


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