Sunday, January 11, 2015

A heart for the poor and the needy

January 11, 2015

A heart for the poor and needy by Pastor Leslie

Scripture: Isaiah 41:13-20

The poor and the needy seek water, and there is none; their tongues are parched with thirst.  I, the LORD, will respond to them; I, the God of Israel, won’t abandon them.  I will open streams on treeless hilltops and springs in valleys.  I will make the desert into ponds and dry land into cascades of water. Isaiah 41:17-18

God’s heart is with the poor and the needy.

Our God is a God who looks out for those on the margins.  

God has a heart for those on the margins and while God speaks of providing the much needed water the poor and needy seek, God invites us to participate in vital ministries that aid the poor and the needy.

Often times we approach this type of ministry by offering hand outs.  By giving our discarded items to a local charity or by writing a check to support a ministry that gives much needed water and food.

But we are called to help overturn systems of injustice that keep people in the cycle of poverty.  We are called to help find solutions that are more than hand outs but that empower those in need to not just survive but thrive.

Prayer: God open our eyes to the ways in which we offer hand outs without also seeking ways for positive growth in the life of our community where some have more than enough and others do not have enough.  Amen.

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