Thursday, December 11, 2014

Trust in the Lord

December 11, 2014
Trust in the Lord.  By Carol Walters
Scripture: Psalm 37
“Wait for the Lord and keep to his way, and he will exalt you to possess the land; you will look on the destruction of the wicked.” Psalm 37:34

We wait for the birth of the Prince of Peace and wonder at the wicked things of the world: the hatred of one person or group for another, the greed of self-centeredness, the suffering of the grief-stricken… these distressing or awful things and more.  We feel powerless to control all that seems out of control. So we plunge headlong in to this frenetic season, hoping perhaps to forget all that troubles us.  We bake cookies and we go to parties. We shop ‘til we drop and we write cards. We eat too much, we stay too busy and we frazzle.  

Psalm 37 assures us of God’s power over the world’s evil. If we follow him, we need not fear. Through all that is wicked, God is our refuge and deliverance.  For me, that is always evident on the shore of the lake at my favorite state park in New Hampshire, where I was born.  There, in the waning hours of a summer afternoon, I feel a deep sense of peace that only God can provide.  As the sun moves along its downward ark in the sky and the light softens from its noonday bright, the wind subsides. The surface of the lake glistens like diamonds; the chatter of the crowd quiets as people leave for home and the sun warms with gentle heat.  This past summer was no different except for one thing. Though unforeseen at the time, it was there that I took one of the last pictures of my mother.  Because the world has its wicked moments, I give thanks that God is with me.  And in this Advent season, I am comforted that the picture of my mother captured her skyward gaze and smile as she basked in the afternoon’s warmth and peace.    

Prayer: Be present with each of us, oh God, in all of our wicked and distressing moments. Heal us and help us with your steadfast love and through your just ways. Break the hold of evil and hurt on your world and give us peace. Amen. 

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