Sunday, December 7, 2014


December 7, 2014

Peace.  By Jerry Hobson

Scripture: Isaiah 5: 1-7    The Song of the Vineyard

…“When I looked for good grapes, why did it yield only bad?” Isaiah 5:4b

     Here on the farm, having struggled with grapes in recent years, we have been taking some of the grape vines out and replacing them with other crops which includes squash, tomatoes, etc.  These new crops have produced and it is satisfying to be able to pick vegetables which are ripe and nutritious.  We had really wanted, in the beginning, to make good grapes, but for a variety of reasons, the vines were not able to do so. 
     In the Song of the Vineyard, God had wanted to get good grapes, but got bad grapes instead, so he decided to let the grape vines perish and the vineyard to be destroyed.  The vineyard that God had was the nation of Israel and the vines were the people of Judah.  The vines did not produce the good fruit of Justice and Righteousness, but rather bloodshed and distress.
     During this Advent Season, we are waiting for the coming of Jesus—whether it be as a baby or in the form of the second coming.  As we await his coming, we must be ready, alert and watchful.  And, we should be comforted knowing that God is with us and that Jesus will come.  Comfort is another way of saying that we are at Peace.   Along with Hope, Joy and Love, let us remember that we are comforted and at Peace during this Advent Season.

Prayer:  God, Our Creator, we pray for relief from the commercial nature which has overtaken the Christmas celebration and that we instead learn to focus on the coming of Christ and the Peace which it will bring.  Amen.

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